The Magic of Processes!

By Amit Tandon

I bet half the employed in the universe feel their organization is a complete mess. Some of them are also wondering how the hell this company has survived so far?

General feeling is that nobody knows what is happening. HR does not understand the business. Finance is always tightening the noose. Marketing does not understand the challenges or Operations and Vice-Versa. Still, the organizations survive!

Most of the time this feeling is there in larger companies who have grown year after year, recession after recession and so on. The basic reason for their survival is well defined Processes. The very same processes that are blamed for all the bureaucracy, inefficiencies and politics are normally responsible for the growth of the companies.

The processes bring order to all the chaos. Processes define responsibilities clearly and quantify every delivery. So, every performance can be measured and the CEO can review company’s progress through a dashboard and spend time on planning future strategies.

We look down upon processes as procrastinators and most project managers take pride in not following the processes and getting the work done by hook or crook. This can work in some cases, but imagine a flyover project where the Project manager decided to meet the deadline, and did not wait for the safety dept’s approval that was delayed because the approving authority was on a sick leave for a month!

I have myself looked down upon large companies earlier, thinking that they do not know how many things are going wrong at the bottom. But looking back, most of those things are so small that their monitoring will burn more executive time that is far more valuable.

In this era of Entrepreneur worshiping and flexi-organizations, we tend to berate process/policy driven environments, but try to imagine a government being run without processes. Can we build great nations without that?


Amit Tandon

Amit Tandon is, Managing Director of Empyrean Partners, a leading recruitment firm; Partner at Mind Cafe, first Board Games cafe of India and has been in the Recruitment Business from the past 7 years. Amit has worked with Start-Ups as well as Global organizations across sectors varying from Telecom, Petrochemicals and IT Enabled Services for over 10 years in operations and business development roles. He was AVP – GSK WNS Research in India and was also the Engagement Manager for the Amit is also a well known Humorist & Professional Stand Up Comedian, with over 250 shows between India and Singapore. He is an avid blogger and his views have been quoted a number of times in ET and Singaporean HR Magazines.

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