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By T Sreedhar

The challenge for the recruiters have become intense given the status of our economy, the  widening gap between what our stakeholders want and what we provide ( leading to constant conflicts which erodes the value systems of all stake holders) and more importantly ,the lack of unity within the recruitment fraternity.

Business by all means is good but by any means is not good.

Why do we have a conflict between the two?

Because we are insecure

When do we have the conflict?

When we are insecure!

Why are we insecure?

Because we are adhoc in the way we conduct our business.

Instead of doing the same things differently, we do different things the same way!

Then how are we different?

We are not

Do we want to be different?

Yes, but I am always different .I make my clients perceive me to be different.

Anyway, how can I be different?

Unless we have unity in diversity.

How do we achieve it?

By knowledge sharing

How do you get that?

You must be part of a forum or association .Also knowledge sharing is two ways. You give to take and not the other way around.

I am small .How do I give?  Will anyone accept it?

Small is beautiful. Your confidence must be BIG. Look at the diamond and its luster.

There are 2 principles that we must follow to succeed in anything that we do.

1. Unity in diversity is better than diversity in unity. Be part of a forum that helps you share what you have.

2. Ask what not the forum/fraternity has done to you, ask what you have done to your fraternity

We may be able to do different things very differently.


T Sreedhar

Mr. T Sreedhar is the Managing Director of TMI NETWORK since1994 and and also plays the role of Operations Head for the companies within the TMI group (C&K limited and TMI e2E Academy limited) and has recruitment experience of  9 years. He is also well respected in the professional community & his now having his third stint as the chairman of Executive Search association (ERA) (

Mr. Sreedhar was formerly a Director in C&K Management and prior to that has worked in Johnson and Johnson for over 10 years – first as Sales Manager and then as a Regional Head.

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