Recruitment is not the job of the HR department

By Deependra (Dipy) Nigam

The success of every team, every unit, every division, every company and every group depends on mainly one thing – its PEOPLE.

Right people at right time in right members are critical.

The quality of team members and their cohesion and motivation are key determinants of success.

It is thus imperative that every team leader – first level supervisory upwards pays utmost attention to getting the right people to his team.

Thus it is critical that he / she takes very active interest in recruitment right from start through till on boarding.

The HR department sure has a role that of a facilitator.

Manpower planning, JD’s & person specs ; having right recruiters (whether internal or external) ; employee branding to attract and retain talent ; proper on boarding ; competitive compensation & benefit strategies ; robust performance management systems ; effective training, career planning ; organization culture etc. are all the job of the HR department.

Recruitment however, to my mind , is the job of every live manager from first level supervisor to CEO.

Yes the CEO too!!!

In today’s competitive world, with quality resources increasingly scarce – proper recruitment and retention / people strategies first have to be amongst any proactive CEO’s top 5 items on agenda / KRA’s.

Thus recruitment is NOT the job of HR department – its the job of every team leader.


Deependra (Dipy) Nigam

Deependra (Dipy) Nigam is  managing Partner ( India & Area)  in Horton International and has been in the recruitment business for 21 yrs.

Earlier he was COO – Sinclus a leading overseas recruitment co – and then CEO & now Advisor to M/s Zodiaac Group of Consultants – who are ERA members

Prior to this he has spent 12 years in hands on Sales and Marketing at stellar companies such as
a) Blow Plast /VIP – Consumer Durables
b) American Express TRS – as Head Sales and Key Accounts – India and Area

Deependra is one of the most respected Head Hunters in business. He also has an interest in Numismatics and Cricket.

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