What stops any Top Business House from doubling their business tomorrow???

By Ratnesh K Jain

What  stops any Top Business House from doubling their business tomorrow???

Money?? Business ideas?? Willingness??  Resources??

NO – that they have plenty – Then what is it that is stopping them???

RIGHT PEOPLE – they need right people – across levels, functions, businesses….

What stops a CEO from doubling his income tomorrow???

Knowledge?? Experience?? Willingness??

NO – that he has plenty – Then what is it that is stopping him???

RIGHT OPPORTUNITY – he needs right opportunity – to increase his market value & satisfaction….
and who will make this available????

WE – Friends – we all are in a noble profession of providing RIGHT PEOPLE to our clients and RIGHT OPPORTUNITIES to our candidates.

We are in a profession

–         where there is no upper limit to earning

–         where there is no limit to learning

–         where there is no retirement age (in fact the lesser you have the better)

–         where we get a chance to apply the knowledge and experience that we have acquired

–         where quality is valued more than quantity

–         where we get a chance to work with the best professionals as colleagues, clients or candidates

–         where our decision can make or break revenues and goals for client and candidate

Lets be proud of saying – I’m Happy to be a Recruiter!!! :)

About Author

Ratnesh K Jain

CEO & Owner, Blue Genes Research ( HYPERLINK ” http://www.bluegenesresearch.com )

Ratnesh currently owns and manages a unique firm that offers very exciting High Speed, High Quality, Low Cost – Executive Search and Business Consulting solutions – that’s very hard to find.

He has about 7 years of exciting experience in recruitment industry in which he has championed Mass Recruitment, Contingency Selection & Executive Search. Before this, he has over 27 years of Senior level Professional and Entrepreneurial experience with companies like Bank of America, Hindustan Lever, Birla, Reliance Telecom, Good Health, Horton International etc.

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