By Deependra (Dipy) Nigam

In the last decade or so, over 45-50 years of age was considered to be OLD. Everyone wanted a 35-40 year old CEO.

Last 2 / 3 years however has seen a resurgence in demand for senior / specialist talent to act as Advisors, Interim / Non Exec Directors, Independent Director , Operating Consultants, Mentors, Coaches .
The common thread here is the requirement of experienced professionals on a PART TIME basis to  support the management team – headed often by young CEOs in the 35 -40 year range – by advising, guiding and coaching them on specific challenges faced by the company.

Though the level of compensation may not have been what one can earned in a full time position– the earnings are pretty decent specially when coupled with better quality of work-life balance and other such gains .This demand is fueled by different type of organizations for differing reasons

1. Startups / Scaleups / SMEs – require specialist talent / skills / experience – but are unable to or afford top notch talent on a full time basis.

2. International companies setting up / expanding in India and Indian companies diversifying / expanding need Top talent for specific objective bound mandates .

3. JVs / M&As … need special skills / experience for a limited period of time .

The demand is for people to wear the mantle of

a. Interim Directors to handle specific assignments

b. Independent Directors – mandated under clause 49. With increased focus on

c. Non Exec Directors / Advisory board

d. Mentors & Coaches to the young CEOs / CXOs

The people who are in demand are senior professionals who have retired or are just retiring – CEOs , MDs , functional heads of large companies, bureaucrats etc. “Young Retirees” – people retiring at 45- 50 , to pursue their dreams & personal passions and are also keen on taking up such assignments for intellectual satisfaction , flexible working and decent earnings.

Horton International which focuses on Board. & CXO positions is well positioned and increasingly active in this space sourcing Senior industry Professionals and ex BUREAUCRATS (IAS /IPS /IRS) as

i. Interim / Independent / Non Exec directors for Corporates / MSMEs/ SMEs

ii. Coaches / Mentors for CEO / CXOs individually & on behalf of Corporates

Corporate Governance there is a large demand for Independent Directors.

Deependra (Dipy) Nigam

Deependra (Dipy) Nigam is managing Partner ( India & Area)  in Horton International and has been in the recruitment business for 21 yrs.
Earlier he was COO – Sinclus a leading overseas recruitment co – and then CEO & now Advisor to M/s Zodiaac Group of Consultants – who are ERA members
Prior to this he has spent 12 years in hands on Sales and Marketing at stellar companies such as
a) Blow Plast /VIP – Consumer Durables
b) American Express TRS – as Head Sales and Key Accounts – India and Area
Deependra is one of the most respected Head Hunters in business. He also has an interest in Numismatics and Cricket.

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