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Tips – How to Focus and be Productive

By Pankaj Kumar Shah


Pankaj Kumar Shah

Pankaj is a Human Resource Professional with 15+ years experience in IT Industry. He has strong business acumen coupled with capability to connect People – Business – Process for creating lasting HR solutions. He is an Innovator / Early adopter, willing to take lead and responsibility for new Organization initiatives.

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  By Deependra (Dipy) Nigam

In the last decade or so, over 45-50 years of age was considered to be OLD. Everyone wanted a 35-40 year old CEO.

Last 2 / 3 years however has seen a resurgence in demand for senior / specialist talent to act as Advisors, Interim / Non Exec Directors, Independent Director , Operating Consultants, Mentors, Coaches .
The common thread here is the requirement of experienced professionals on a PART TIME basis to  support the management team – headed often by young CEOs in the 35 -40 year range – by advising, guiding and coaching them on specific challenges faced by the company.


Handwriting Analysis – A powerful Personality Assessment science

By Deependra (Dipy) Nigam & Dr.Parag Khatri

They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, well it would seems that a hand-written paragraph is worth even more!

Graphology, more simply known as Handwriting Analysis, is becoming a popular and accepted means of assessing applicant personality prior to employment.

Handwriting is as unique to each individual as their fingerprints and a reliable indicator of personality and behavior.

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By Ratnesh K Jain

What  stops any Top Business House from doubling their business tomorrow???

Money?? Business ideas?? Willingness??  Resources??

NO – that they have plenty – Then what is it that is stopping them???

RIGHT PEOPLE – they need right people – across levels, functions, businesses….

What stops a CEO from doubling his income tomorrow???

Knowledge?? Experience?? Willingness??

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By Deependra (Dipy) Nigam

The success of every team, every unit, every division, every company and every group depends on mainly one thing – its PEOPLE.

Right people at right time in right members are critical.

The quality of team members and their cohesion and motivation are key determinants of success.

It is thus imperative that every team leader – first level supervisory upwards pays utmost attention to getting the right people to his team.

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Knowledge Sharing and Forums

By T Sreedhar

The challenge for the recruiters have become intense given the status of our economy, the  widening gap between what our stakeholders want and what we provide ( leading to constant conflicts which erodes the value systems of all stake holders) and more importantly ,the lack of unity within the recruitment fraternity.

Business by all means is good but by any means is not good.

Why do we have a conflict between the two?

Because we are insecure

When do we have the conflict?

When we are insecure!

Why are we insecure?

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By Amit Tandon

Everyday millions of words are wasted on this topic. Today, I also decided to contribute to this lost cause.

There are almost as many theories to this as the number of employees globally. The answers range from plain “Emotional Satisfaction” and “Clarity of vision” to more complicated things like “Money” and “Recognition”.

All these things have already been tried with equal amount of success and failure across sectors. In the last few years, employees have become more finicky and have even started coming up with outrageous demands like Respect, Recognition and Coffee makers.

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The Magic of Processes!

By Amit Tandon

I bet half the employed in the universe feel their organization is a complete mess. Some of them are also wondering how the hell this company has survived so far?

General feeling is that nobody knows what is happening. HR does not understand the business. Finance is always tightening the noose. Marketing does not understand the challenges or Operations and Vice-Versa. Still, the organizations survive!

Most of the time this feeling is there in larger companies who have grown year after year, recession after recession and so on. The basic reason for their survival is well defined Processes. The very same processes that are blamed for all the bureaucracy, inefficiencies and politics are normally responsible for the growth of the companies.

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Writing a Resume? Spend a week on it.

By Amit Tandon

Resume is your marketing brochure, so work on it extensively. Candidates are sometimes rejected for spelling mistakes also because it shows they are not detail oriented.

Follow the Half Page Rule: – No one reads the complete resume. The most important part of your CV is the first half of the first page because that is what opens on the computer screen.

Think like an Interviewer: For an experienced professional, an interviewer looks for

Relevant experience

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HR – The New Marketing Department

By Amit Tandon

Ajay went for an Interview with a Fortune 500 banking company. He was made to wait for three hours at the reception while nobody attended him except for an HR Executive, who was also missing for the last two hours. Ajay walked off, swearing never to apply in that company again.

There are recruitments drives that happen all the time with IT and ITES companies, where half the candidates are sent back without any interaction. Then there are numerous cases where candidates are not replied to, or called multiple times for interactions for a position and later on offered a junior role.

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