By Amit Tandon

Most companies have a preference of recruitment consultants (or as some call them Vendors) that they want to work with. But, what they don’t realize is that a similar ranking also happens at the other end. So, when your recruitment consultant is not responding to your requests for CV, it might be time for some introspection!

At our company, we have one metric that I look at to prioritize a client – Revenue per Resume. This is like any other industry where you would rank your clients in terms of their profitability. What this does not mean is that the client is signed with us at the highest of pricing or gives us only high value positions. Following are some of the things that create a high priority client and leads to consultant spending more time on it:

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After-effects of Appraisals

By  Amit Tandon

I was reading a book called ‘Empire of the Moghul’ and it talked about how Babur’s armies prepared in advance for Uzbek attacks after the winters. The preparation was based on historical data and not any news. Similarly today HR prepares for attrition after the appraisal season.

On the basis of their reaction to appraisals you can divide your employees in the following categories:

1.       Satisfied Employees – These employees are like tigers. I am not saying they are great performers, but they are an endangered species. Like a Tiger, they are very comfortable with their current habitat and will not leave unless there is a catastrophe. This includes top performers who are growing so fast that they don’t feel the need to change and laggards who have made peace with their incompetence.

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By Mohan Sood

Nearly every job interviewer will, at one point, ask a prospective employee if they have any questions about the job, hiring process or company. While the interview environment can be overwhelming, taking advantage of the questioning period is important to learn not only more about the position itself but help you stand out and learn more about whether you should or shouldn’t take the position.

Asking about required skills to succeed at a company is one question that will impress in an interview, especially if it’s framed against information learned from the application process. Not only will you hear an honest answer about what would be expected of you in the job itself, it can help you derive a more accurate and detailed idea of exactly what the company is looking for, helping you determine which strengths to highlight throughout the rest of the interviewing process.

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By Ms Rajul Doshi

  • Confirm date, time, location, contact person, interview process and list of documents required for the interview with your recruitment consultant.
  • Plan to reach the interview venue at least 30 minutes before the scheduled interview.
  • Go through your resume in detail and check for any mistakes and see if it needs to be updated. You should be able to answer questions on every point in the resume.

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