After-effects of Appraisals

By  Amit Tandon

I was reading a book called ‘Empire of the Moghul’ and it talked about how Babur’s armies prepared in advance for Uzbek attacks after the winters. The preparation was based on historical data and not any news. Similarly today HR prepares for attrition after the appraisal season.

On the basis of their reaction to appraisals you can divide your employees in the following categories:

1.       Satisfied Employees – These employees are like tigers. I am not saying they are great performers, but they are an endangered species. Like a Tiger, they are very comfortable with their current habitat and will not leave unless there is a catastrophe. This includes top performers who are growing so fast that they don’t feel the need to change and laggards who have made peace with their incompetence.

2.       Hunters   – These employees treat appraisal time as mating season. As soon as they get their appraisal letter, they start looking out for new partners. Every job opportunity is measured not by the question ‘How can I grow here?’ but by ‘Where I can go from here?’  

3.       Girlfriends – They are sensitive employees with expectations. When you don’t meet their expectations in appraisal, then they are hurt.  They would leave you if they feel cheated or are jealous. Else, they just want you to listen to them. So, in one session they get feedback which is followed by another session where they give you feedback about the feedback.

Overall, appraisal season is the time when the most atheist of HR professionals start praying. But even gods are helpless in this area because even religions are facing attrition problems these days ;).


Amit Tandon

Amit Tandon is, Managing Director of Empyrean Partners, a leading recruitment firm; Partner at Mind Cafe, first Board Games cafe of India and has been in the Recruitment Business from the past 7 years. Amit has worked with Start-Ups as well as Global organizations across sectors varying from Telecom, Petrochemicals and IT Enabled Services for over 10 years in operations and business development roles. He was AVP – GSK WNS Research in India and was also the Engagement Manager for the Amit is also a well known Humorist & Professional Stand Up Comedian, with over 250 shows between India and Singapore. He is an avid blogger and his views have been quoted a number of times in ET and Singaporean HR Magazines

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