Recruitment Firms do rank their clients!

By Amit Tandon

Most companies have a preference of recruitment consultants (or as some call them Vendors) that they want to work with. But, what they don’t realize is that a similar ranking also happens at the other end. So, when your recruitment consultant is not responding to your requests for CV, it might be time for some introspection!

At our company, we have one metric that I look at to prioritize a client – Revenue per Resume. This is like any other industry where you would rank your clients in terms of their profitability. What this does not mean is that the client is signed with us at the highest of pricing or gives us only high value positions. Following are some of the things that create a high priority client and leads to consultant spending more time on it:

1. Fairness in Terms – This is where a number of large firms fail. A client will randomly decide to cut down the time of ownership of the CV from six months to three months and expect all consultants to keep the same level of delivery. Surprise – Consultants are intelligent enough to make a notice that a lot of their efforts are just going into building your database. Your platinum partner will give you a bronze ranking.

2. Exclusivity or Near Exclusivity of Mandates – A consultant knows that when there are only two consultants working on the position, they have 50% probability of closing the position. When there are twenty consultants, the probability is only 5%

3. Responsiveness – When feedback is shared timely and in detail, the quality of delivery improves dramatically and position can be closed in 5 CVs instead of the Trial and Error process of 25 CVs

4. Empathy – When the HR manager wants a consultant to be his partner and advocate in the market, the consultant also expects the same. Respecting a consultant’s effort and trusting her view will ensure that she gives her 100%. It might not always close the position for the consultant but she knows you tried your best!


Amit Tandon

Amit Tandon is, Managing Director of Empyrean Partners, a leading recruitment firm; Partner at Mind Cafe, first Board Games cafe of India and has been in the Recruitment Business from the past 7 years. Amit has worked with Start-Ups as well as Global organizations across sectors varying from Telecom, Petrochemicals and IT Enabled Services for over 10 years in operations and business development roles. He was AVP – GSK WNS Research in India and was also the Engagement Manager for the Amit is also a well known Humorist & Professional Stand Up Comedian, with over 250 shows between India and Singapore. He is an avid blogger and his views have been quoted a number of times in ET and Singaporean HR Magazines.


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